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First Allied Securities

First Allied Securities

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We offer financial consulting services to ordinary families and individuals and to private clients and corporations of any size.  

In addition to general financial consulting, our office provides investment ideas based upon market conditions and individual needs concerning starkly different investment choices:

  • traditional asset classes (stocks, CDs or cash)
  • international stocks and bonds, including hedged and unhedged foreign bonds
  • securities tied to domestic and foreign real estate
  • structured or principal protected products, "revertibles," and other derivatives
  • options
  • securities and insurance products (life insurance, annuities)
  • managed futures, equipment leasing, commodities, and other alternative assets

Care must be taken when comparing different investment products.  Before making any investment, individual investors must consider differences in the character of the investments.  Differences may include the degree of risk, investment objectives, sales and management fees, liquidity, safety guarantees or insurance fluctuations of principal and/or return, tax features, and any other factors necessary to make investment choices.  Securities or investments offering a high rate of return also carry a higher degree of risk.  The discussion above is not intended to imply that one investment is superior to another, and you should consult with a qualified financial professional before making any investment decision.

For contact details and more information, please visit our contact page.  

Investors and organizations may wish to seek ways to diversify their investment portfolio to pursue new opportunities or to limit their risk.  Benefit packages granted to some executives naturally "overweight" one type of asset (e.g., a large stock or stock option position in an individual company’s stock), and many successful companies only participate in one industry sector.  A consultation and, for hedging tools, a correlation analysis should help to identify how one might appropriately emphasize, balance, or reject portfolio assets. 

A free consultation may help to better define investment objectives and how they might be most appropriately achieved.